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Monday, December 8, 2008

Conversations, Part - whatever...

The boys have been in rare form lately, so I figured I had better share a bit of this stuff before I forget it.

Yesterday, while having lunch with my parents, we were commenting on their old dog, Killer, and I said something about how he probably has Dogheimer's, since he appeared to have forgotten where the door was for a minute.

Monkey: "What's Dog-miner's?"

Mater: "I have Peopleheimer's!!"


Thursday, on the way home from Cub Scouts (We had a "Go See It" at the Firehouse), Monkey and I were talking about Christmas, lights and trees, etc.

Monkey: Do stores have to put up Christmas trees, too?

Me: Well, no one HAS to put up a tree, they just want to.

Monkey: But if you don't put up a tree, you don't get presents!!

Me: Well, Monkey, you know some people don't celebrate Christmas...

Monkey: They don't? (This was astonishing to him)

(This is the point, where I went into a brief discussion of other religions and holiday celebrations - My knowledge of some of these is quite limited, but for whatever reason, I felt the need to pass on my "wisdom" I'm sorry if I get any of this wrong, I tried to keep my discussion with him as general as possible, so as not to misinform him, since I quickly realized that with an inquisitive child like Monkey, I was in over my head!!))

Me: Well, Jewish people celebrate
Hanukkah (or is it Chanukah??), they don't do Christmas, instead of one day of Christmas like we have, they have 8 days of Hanukkah, and sometimes they do 8 days of presents.

Monkey: EIGHT DAYS?? (At his point, I can hear his wheels turning) I want 8 days of presents...

Me: And some people celebrate
Kwanzaa, and some people don't celebrate Christmas at all.

Monkey: (Still stuck on the concept of 8 days of presents) I want Santa to bring me presents for 8 days!

Me: Oh, not Santa Claus, their holiday is celebrated with their family and friends. (And here's where it went horribly wrong) Jewish people don't believe in Santa Claus.

Monkey: Oh well, then I think Mater Jones (A boy on the bus who has the same name as Mater, and who told the boys that there was no Santa Claus, or Tooth Fairy) must be Jewish then, cause' he doesn't believe in Santa Claus, either.

Molding young minds, that's what I'm best at.

Please send all complaints to:
Happy Holidays, and have a good week.


for a different kind of girl said...

Oh, those dang Mater Joneses of the world!

I hope whatever Santa brings to your house is cherished, and they're not too disappointed when it's just one day! ;)

Melody said...

LOL! Thanks for the laugh this morning! :-)

Lisa said...

LMAO this is an exact conversation I had with the oldest. I'm still regretting having the conversation about Hanukkah

Now I'm off to send the email ;)

Nap Warden said...

I have peoplehiemers too;)

lessofme2love1976 said...

Mazal tov on explaining Hanukkah pretty well... Of course you might want to explain that it would be 8 smaller presents instead of 2 or 3 bigger ones... if he counts his stocking stuffers I bet he comes out better in the deal!

and yes I did have to Google Mazal tov to know how to spell it!

Your just lucky you didn't have to try to explain Kwanzaa!

the planet of janet said...

the email address is what got me...

i'll be snickering for hours.

Anonymous said...


You did pretty well, considering the curious nature of kids! And next time you see Mater Jones tell him that because he doesn't believe he gets coal for Christmas from Santa. The little toad!

And can I borrow that email address periodically? I might need it the next time I'm teaching preschool! said...

I'm glad he was able to take the non-believers idea & run with it. He'll believe in Santa a bit longer due to that one.

georgie said...

stoppin in to see if ya got the sss gift post up and i am just missin it? let me know...we are tryin to get everyone who has recieved their gifts in one blog post so everyone can see what ya got
Thanks so much georgie

nikki said...

I love what kids say. Ha! Too cute.

Colleen - Mommy Always Wins said...

Oh FUH-NEE! Love it!

Damama T said...

Dog-miner's?? LOL! Your kids are a hoot. They get it from their mom!

MC said...

I can't remember the moment I realized there wasn't a Santa Claus - but I remember the conversations I used to have with my parents about Christmas. I remember one Christmas when I was just a toddler, I refused to stay in bed and my parents played a trick on me - my father went outside with Christmas bells and jangled them so I thought Santa was on his way and made a beeline for my bedroom. They still crack up about it!