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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Works in progress

I'm working on several posts, but can't seem to find the time to get them finished!

  • I've got one about the kids, and discipline, and such. Hopefully (for you!) it will be entertaining.

  • I'm fighting the urge to weigh in on politics. Hopefully (for you!) I will be able to hold off. But, dang, people are pissing me off!!

Instead (since I can't seem to finish anything these days), I will tell you a little about my weekend. My favorite part of this weekend, (besides the fact that it was the weekend, and I did next to nothing... but not totally nothing, because we had lots of company, and I had to clean toilets becuase 14 year old boys don't know that "Clean your bathroom" means to actually scrub toilets and sinks and such. Grrr.) was Sunday, when Budman (for whatever reason) decided that he needed to take me out dancing that night.

Thankfully, I managed to talk him out of it, so he insisted that we spend the evening dancing together on the back patio. We have a CD player out there, so we spent all evening digging through our collection, and dancing. Pretty soon, everyone came out to the back porch and the kids were dancing with my step-mom, but then my dad came along to dance with her, so Budman and I danced with the kids, until they had enough, and we went back to dancing with each other. It was fun, and silly and sweet - and I really loved it.

And although I always feel a little hokey dancing in our yard at first (Yes, we have done this on more than one occasion), I start to think that it's probably a good thing that the kids see Budman and I spending time together doing mushy stuff (Not TOO mushy), and that they grow up knowing how much their parents love each other, because they see it on a regular basis, and being included when we do our silly stuff.

Monday, I stepped outside for a minute, and Mater ran out with me, turned on the music, and asked me to dance with him. I guess we made an impression...

I know this isn't terribly well written, or even concise, but it's been floating about my head for a few days, and at some point, you have to write it all down, ready or not, just to make room in your head for new crap. So here - you get it "as is".

Have a terrific week.


for a different kind of girl said...

This is the sweetest thing! I agree - I think it's so important that we, as parents, show our kids that we have a bond with their other parent, and how that love and connection is what bonds the family. That we're more than just the people who dole out the dinners and the discipline.

So, so sweet!

Enjoy your day!

jenboglass said...

Aw. My husband and I always have done silly and sweet things like that. When you have children watching you, it's especially important that they see you interact that way. I'm like you. I have eleven drafts sitting in my publish box. I can't finish anything lately.

The SITS Girls said...

That is so sweet. Seriously. You've got a keeper!

texasholly said...

I say weigh in on the politics. It is getting crazy out there...haha.

So sweet!

georgie said...

awwww your hubby is so Romantic!
I think mine needs a nudge now and then

Dakotapam said...

That is so fun! For the longest time we had dance time every night in the living room after dinner! We had a blast!

sheasy said...

I think this post is perfect. Because what I see in this post is LOVE in every word. What a beautiful gift. Everyone wants a dance partner and now it sounds like you have more than one!

Z said...

Dancing together in your backyard? So awesome! :)