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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Don'tcha hate my random posts!?!?!

First, It's September 11th. Not to get all preachy on you, but please make some time today to pray for those people, or just take a moment to think of them and their families. Here is a list (just one, so far) of people who have 9/11 posts today.


A Mom Two Boys

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Amy in Ohio

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I will update as I find more. I'm still on my first cup of coffee.

Second, Ike is a pain n the @ss. I have
one friend who has already evacuated, and another whose family is doing the same. My uncle and his family live in Magnolia, and he has a Veterinary practice in Houston, and I know Know KNOW that they will not evacuate and leave the animals. I don't even have to ask, I KNOW. Please, please keep all of those people in your thoughts, keep your fingers crossed, think good thoughts, pray - whatever you want.

Third, Tonight is the Boy Scout Rally. Monkey has been waiting for six months to be old enough to be a Cub Scout, and tonight is his big night. He's a bit nervous, I could tell, but Budman, who was also a Cub/Boy Scout (he still has all his stuff - AND his dad's - so cool) will be going with him, while I take Possum to DeMolay. Whew, let the fun begin. I think knowing that Daddy will be going with him took a little worry off his mind.

Fourth, I think I may have forgotton in the last 'Hmmhmm' years how busy High schoolers are. Possum is in ROTC, which has after school "practice?" on Tuesdays, and he also wants to be in the... Crud, I forgot what he called it... the rifles and such... not color guard, but dang it... I'll think of it, which practices on Wednesdays, and then DeMolay on Thursdays. He has been warned, if his grades are not to our satisfaction, we will yank him, so here's hoping. So far, he's been very diligent with his school work.

Fifth, Why the HELL did my step-mother feel the need to buy my SIX year old Axe Body Spray? I know she's a Grandma and must spoil him and all but really, WTF?? He's all spraying himself every morning before school, and decided that he would be wearing the spray this evening to the Boy Scouts rally - QUOTE "Even though there won't be any girls there." Huh??

Sixth, Who in the Hell said that my baby was allowed to have a **Gasp** Girlfriend??? He's FIVE, and some hussy* is on the bus blowing him kisses??? Oh Lord, no. I cannot deal with this.

Seventh, I don't really have a seventh, but I'm trying... Oh yeah. I'm really interested in
this site. Unfortunately, my work computer hates all things fun, so I will have to see if I can figure it out this weekend. I just wanted to say - if you do this and post your pictures, PLEASE let me know, because I cannot get enough of these photos...

Eighth, I am obsessed with well, actually a LOT of things but this week, it's
Chuck Norris Facts. I giggled for hours yesterday, drove both my co-workers and my husband crazy and convinced at least four people that I'm certifiable. Actually, only three - I'm pretty sure Budman already knew that about me.

  • My favorite? (today) "Chuck Norris once shot down a German fighter plane with his finger, by yelling, "Bang!"
Lastly, Have a terrific day and since I probably won't finish tomorrow's post until Monday, a great weekend, too.

*If that hussy is your daughter - I'm sorry - I didn't really mean it. Just keep her blown kisses off of my baby, please??


georgie said...

LOL that hussy is NOT my bean so no worries...

Hope you have a great weekend too-it's a short week for us...the beans dont have school tomorrow YAY I get to sleep in! said...

Ike's such a meddlesome bastard.

for a different kind of girl said...

OMG, laughing so hard at your five year old! According to some of thos Axe commercials DO NOT let him get on any elevators!

Burgh Baby said...

Thanks for the link. :-)

Somebody needs to go kick Ike's ass already. I thought everybody knew you don't mess with Texas?

Dakotapam said...

Ok, that was way too much stuff in one post, you now officially have more on your mind than me!

It was Cub Scout rally today too! WE are fully entrenched, and as a boy family, you will be too!

Andrew is a 2nd class rank in Boy Scouts, William is Webelo I and Owen signed up to be a tiger cub tonight...poor Etna feels a bit out of the loop, he and I are the only ones in the family without a uniform! You are going to have sooooo much fun!

Dakotapam said...

Oh, that is not Etna, it is Ethan...Pammy had a little therapy tonight...

Jay said...

I really enjoyed your blog...Thank you!! Let me know if you are interested in trading blogroll links!

Little Lovables said...

I love Chuck Norris facts and have never heard that one, hilarious!!

Also, Axe body spray, already? That cuts the cake right there.

Anonymous said...

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