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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I'm cheating

But I can't think of anything good to talk about. From an email message exchange with my sister, J, this morning...

N's been so cute lately - we've been REALLY working on the potty training trying to get him to think about his answer when we ask him if he needs to go, etc. and all weekend long he was asking for scissors... I want scissors, I want scissors (no idea where it came from) anyway we told him if he would do good the rest of Saturday we'd go to the store Sunday and get him some safety scissors... (he'd already wet his underwear 4 times and dirtied 2 times that day!!!!) He did good the rest of the day though (and he went all day Sunday with no accidents either) so he got his scissors.

He sat for hours just cutting construction paper in to little pieces... he had a blast. He was constantly asking me and K to come cut paper with him... so we all cut paper...

Yesterday he was good at school and then wet himself not long after we got home but he did good from then until bed time... so we counted it as a good day...

And my answer:
That’s awesome – The first one is ALWAYS the hardest. And bribery is a good method – Forget what “they” say – lol! Scissors – that is too funny – must have picked that up at school. The boys are forever cutting paper scraps (and sometimes other things – I once had to replace TWO sets of bed sheets for that reason)

If I had a week vacation, I would come to your house, and spend all week with him – just in underwear (him, not me – I would be fully clothed). We’d have him potty trained in no time. It’s a pain in the butt, but it worked well for 'Mater. Unfortunately, we are working people here, so he’ll just have to learn the hard way.

Give him my love and hugs – What a big boy he’s becoming.

And part of HER further response:
Glad to know that your method doesn't include you being in nothing but your underwear... that might 'scare the pee' out of the child...

She's off my Christmas list.

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Don Mills Diva said...

I did not see that ending coming - ouch!