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Monday, July 21, 2008

100 Things - FINALLY

In honor of my 100th post...

1. I have been dreading this list for quite some time.

2. I'm not really interesting enough to come up with 100 things about me.

3. My thumbs are double jointed.

4. I worked as a waitress/bartender in a strip club a long time ago - I did NOT dance.

5. I am a grammar snob

6. I have a red spot on my nose that appeared one day about 6 years ago. At first I thought it was a pimple, but it never went away.

7. I should probably have it removed. At best, it's a pain to cover with make-up, and I hate to think about the worst.

8. I am a pack rat of the highest order. I keep some of the stupidest things.

9. But every so often, I will go through a fit of UN-sentimental-ness (I know, not a word - the grammar snob in me is cringing) and throw away almost everything I find.

10. I have a bad habit of correcting people when they are wrong - whether they've said something erroneous or pronounced a word incorrectly.

11. I try to do it nicely, though...

12. I have three hairs on each of my big toes. Eeeww.

13. I like to use big words. I'm not really a show off, I just enjoy them.

14. I played the clarinet for 10 years.

15. I still remember most of it, although, undoubtedly, I am no longer as good at it as I once was.

16. I like to think that I am a musical person because my parents named me Melody.

17. Budman told me once when we were dating that he always knew that the person that he ended up with would be musical...

18. I still melt when I think about that.

19. There are a lot of things about Budman that make me melt.

20. I hate my job.

21. My dream car would be a '70 or '71 Hemi 'Cuda.

22. I have my dream house planned out down to the smallest detail. If we ever build a house, I'm going to be a pain in the rear to work with...

23. I can't believe this is only 23.

24. I like to watch the car auctions on the Speed channel with Budman.

25. I kicked Budman's @ss at cribbage last night.

26. You have no idea what an amazing feat that is.

27. When I was younger, I used to repeat myself. Not out loud, but I would mouth the words to myself right after I said them. I used to get made fun of for this.

28. I love to read.

29. So much that I used to try to read at bedtime using the light bouncing off the wall from the bathroom.

30. My mother credits this action (night after night) as the main reason I ended up needing glasses.

31. I need to quit smoking.

32. I like to quote movies. Usually obscure movies.

33. Budman does this too, just another reason we are so perfect together.

34. We also frequently complete others thoughts, at which point the other one will say "Get out of my head" This happens a lot.

35. I'm watching Stranger than Fiction. I haven't wanted to see it up until now because it has Will Farrell and his movies are all stupid. This one is a little strange, but not very stupid. I like strange.

36. This reminds me that although I named my blog after a movie, I still haven't seen the movie. Not all of it at least.

37. I started watching it, but it was really... um... not interesting.

38. For many many years, my celebrity crush was Tom Cruise. Then he left Nicole Kidman, and suddenly he's not so attractive.

39. If I had to choose 5 celebrities I totally dig, I would choose:

40. Orlando Bloom. Especially 'Lord of the Rings' Orlando Bloom. Wow.

41. Colin Farrell - although sometimes, his wild boy ways turn me off a little.

42. Ewan McGregor - Apparently, I like accents.

43. Dane Cook

44. Brad Pitt

45. It was awfully hard to come up with more than three. ;-)

46. The dream house that I already have planned? It includes a play room that I have spent years perfecting (in my head). It would rival the clubhouse from Barney. Both of them.

47. I'm afraid my children will outgrow it before we get it built.

48. I could live on Ramen Noodles

49. Or white rice with butter and salt.

50. I tend to go a little overboard when I eat pretzels, because they have no fat.

51. This is not good.

52. I can't believe I have come up with more than 50 inane facts about my life.

53. I can't believe I still have 47 to go.

54. I just realized that every time I type the word beleive, I spell it wrong.

55. I'm supposed to be doing laundry.

56. I frequently battle insomnia.

57. Part of this has to do with Budman's need to have the TV on to fall asleep at night.

58. If the TV is on, I must watch it.

59. The only way I can get past this is to set the sleep timer, which works only if he is already asleep when it goes off, and as long as he doesn't wake up later in the night and turn it back on.

60. I'm not terribly creative, but I daydream a lot.

61. An awful lot.

62. I just scraped the heel of my foot by backing into the edge of the litter box while doing laundry.

63. It really hurts.

64. Mater gets his clumsiness from me.

65. Poor child.

66. If I have control of the remote (which isn't often), I cannot pass up a chance to watch The Deadliest Catch. I do not watch this show as a rule, but if I happen to find it on, I am inexplicably sucked in to it.

67. When it starts to get hot in the summer, I find myself wishing for a huge rainstorm, or hurricane or something, so that we can get rain.

68. I promised Mater a bicycle for his birthday on Sunday, and I still haven't gone shopping for it.

69. I'm watching The Holiday now. Add Jude Law to my list. In fact, he can replace Dane Cook.

70. I am addicted to Dear Abby and Dear Margo.

71. I am completely addicted to Dr. Pepper.

72. And bubble wrap. I cannot have a piece of bubble wrap and leave it alone. It screams to be popped.

73. I need to go through my Reader and clean it up. I have so many blogs to read that I can't keep up with them all.

74. Don't worry, though - I'm not unsubscribing from yours... :-)

75. I just realized that my dream house doesn't have a dining room.

76. I don't really care, since I have never used the dining room in any of the places I have lived in the past 10-15 years.

77. I just had three or four things I was going to add to the list, but by the time I got back to my laptop, I forgot all but one of them.

78. I STILL need to be doing laundry, and I NEED to have it all finished before Budman gets home.

79. I will almost always choose a salty snack over a sweet one.

80. I also realized I didn't put bathrooms in my pretend dream house.

81. This could be problematic.

82. The dog wants in, but I'm too lazy to do get up, and the kids are ignoring me when I call them to come do it.

83. I'm getting up.

84. I'm worried that Possum's mom doesn't plan to send him back to us at the end of the Summer.

85. I get sucked in to computer games WAY to easily.

86. If I play Solitaire, or Bejeweled or, well... any other game a lot, then I see the game when I close my eyes at night.

87. This may have something to do with my insomnia.

88. I have literally lay awake at night, solving an imaginary Sudoku puzzle or playing Tetris, or poker.

89. I'm not really sure what this says about me.

90.Only 10 more to go.

91. Someone else finally let the dog in. Whew... Never mind 83

92. I probably better start thinking of something for dinner.

93. Sometimes, Budman says that he wishes that we had met years ago, so that we wouldn't have wasted so much time without each other.

94. I do too, but I worry that if we had, then something would have happened to keep us from ending up together.

95. I'm sure that I wasn't mature enough or strong enough back then to have handled a relationship with him.

96. Since I can't change the past, I'll never know, so I'm just really glad that I met him when I did.

97. And that he was relentless in his pursuit of my attentions.

98. I think he's an amazing man, I'm so very lucky.

99. And no, in case you're wondering, he doesn't read my blog.

100. I sincerely hope that I never have to do this list again.


Anglophile Football Fanatic said...

Tough, isn't it?! I'm glad someone took care of the dog.

for a different kind of girl said...

If you're willingly giving away Dane Cook, I'll gladly pick up the pieces of his broken heart, and if you realize you miss him, we can talk about how fantastic he is. Trust my grammar will be spectacular (ha!), for I, too, am a bit of a grammar snob. I realize that doesn't exactly come across in my writing sometimes, but it's the curse of being a former newspaper editor!

Congratulations for getting through your 100!

Manic Mommy said...

I decided to do my 100 for my one year blogiversary, which is tomorrow. The irony of just tuning in to your blog today is not lost on me. I'm thinking in simple declarative sentences. I can't stop.

Got you through AllMediocre.

Z said...

My thumbs are double jointed too! Actually, so are all my fingers!!! Actually, so are my shoulders and my hips... So, um, yeah, I've jsut got a weird body said...

Whew-hew Great Job!!!!