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Friday, July 11, 2008

Procrastination and linky love, etc...

I've been getting closer and closer to that 100th post. In fact, I'm there. The next time I post, it will be my 100th. So, until I finish that blasted list, this will have to hold you. I know, you've been waiting with baited breath, checking in daily just to see what I might have to say next.

I could just post the little snippet above and be done with it, but that would be cheesy (Gosh, do I use that word a lot or what?)

AFTER the 100 things post, the next thing I'm going to have to figure out is how to do a blogroll. In the meantime, though. I'm going to give a little bloggy love to a few of those bloggers that I cannot miss on a daily basis. Now, this isn't everyone I love, so if you're not here, don't get mad. I have big plans to continue this little project in the future, so there's time for me to include everyone.

If recipes are your thing, then you need to check out Lori at My Wooden Spoon
. I have tried quite a few of her terrific recipes and even won one of the awesome contests. She has other blogs as well, you should check them out.

Of course, When we're talking recipes, I can't not mention
The Pioneer Woman. The recipes are amazing. Budman will forgive almost any sin for Marlboro Man's Favorite Sandwich or some Wings, and I've had to stop making the Onion Strings, because I ate them ALL. BY. MYSELF. And I'm addicted to all her other blogs, too.

For the Kids, and fun stuff to do with them, I always read Marie at
Make and Takes. She just had a new baby girl, and she is the cutest thing! I also love Michelle at Scribbit. I'm fascinated by Michelle's life in Alaska. I would love to live there - y'know, except for all that cold...

For my everyday, keep me entertained/what did her kid(s) do today/what funny thing was said/done to make me snort coffee out my nose/pee myself laughing/announce to my co-workers that I sometimes snort when I laugh (Just kidding about that last one - I don't. No, really, I swear!!), here are a few (just a few, because really, I NEED to get back to work soon) of my favorite bloggers.

Marla, aka FADKOG at
for a different kind of girl. Just the musical references alone are enough, but wait, there's more! You have to read the comments, too. She has some of the funniest readers!! I'm not nearly cool enough to be reading or commenting on her blog, but I do anyway and she doesn't mind, which is another reason I love her!! You just really must read. Go now. I'll wait.

Amanda at
Shamelessly Sassy - Oh lord, I though my family was messed up. Truly some funny stuff. Look for the posts on 80s lady. You will NOT be disappointed.

DaMama T... Funny things are always happening to DaMama

debby at
Life's Funny Like That

Holly at
June Cleaver Nirvana. Her illustrated posts are the best.

From the Land of Monkeys & Princesses. Also has some terrific recipes...

Kelly, the
Don Mills Diva, has a cutie-pie son, who reminds me SO much of my nephew, N. She also has a new Recipe and Reviews site, so you'll want to take a look at that, too.

Creative-Type Dad. The only man on my list this time around. It is imperative that you take a look at his coloring pages.

The other Holly,
Anglophile Football Fanatic. Yes, another Texas blogger - I can't help myself. We Texans are a talented lot!! Well, they are, anyway...

And last, but not least.
Badger. I can't remember how I stumbled across her, but man, am I glad I did. Funny, funny stuff.

And last, but not least, I must include all the lovely ladies (and my new best friends) at
AllMediocre. I have found LOTS of new faves through that site (and I haven't even gotten through the whole list - don't tell, though.). There are too many to list, and I wouldn't want anyone to feel left out, so you'll have to check them all out yourself.

So, now I'm wishing that I had time to include more, because I don't want anyone to hate me and stop reading if I haven't mentioned you yet, and hate me forever, and tell everyone what a stuck-up beeyotch I am.

If for some reason, I haven't found you yet, leave your link in the comments, and I will check you out!

Have a terrific day - and be patient with me while I finish that damn 100 things list.


for a different kind of girl said...

Yeah! New blogs to go read! I just recently had the pleasure of being visited by Creative-Type Dad, went over to his place to see what he was about, and have definitely been back! The coloring pages? Hilarious!

Thank you for the sweet shout out!!!

Rachel said...

Aw shucks! You just made my day. Thanks sweetie.

debby said...

Oh, thank you Melody, that was awfully nice!

brightmyer said...

Adding a BLOGROLL to your blog is fairly easy. From your DASHBOARD, click on the LAYOUT section. This will open up your options for ADD AND ARRANGE PAGE ELEMENTS. This will be the template for what your blog looks like. Next, click on ADD A PAGE ELEMENT. This opens up your new page elements. Adding a blog list should be the first option - click ADD TO BLOG. Select the options you want and then proceed to ADD TO LIST. You will get a pop-up to add the URL of the blog you want to blogroll. Then click add and viola', you've added a blog to your blogroll. You can add as many blogs as you want, just don't forget to click save when you're finished. said...

I giggled at me being the other Holly. I refer to Holly as the other Holly all the time. Very confusing. Thanks for the linky love.

HRH said...

Thanks so much for the sweet words and the linky love. I think AFF and I will fight over who gets the "other HOlly" title...too funny.
The blogroll is SO MUCH easier now that blogger added the blog list function...and it is super cool along with being easy...brightmyer is right.

Thanks so much!

Scribbit said...

Thanks for mentioning me--and this summer has been so gray and drippy you'd probably die!