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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Weekend Update and all that stuff...

I can't really remember this weekend. No, I wasn't drinking (I'm saving that for the 4th - liquor and fireworks!!), but nothing spectacular happened. Saturday was the official start of our vacation, and Budman spent Saturday at home, we did a whole lot of nothing, which was nice. He spent a little time shopping for the boat part he needs, while I took the kids to the grocery store to get the stuff to make some lunch. I made some awesome buffalo chicken soft tacos, a specific request from Budman, since the restaurant that he used to get them at closed. Budman's brother came into town from Arizona, to see their dad, and help Budman with their parents house, which they are fixing up to be sold.

Sunday, my dad and I went to the shooting range, and I got in a little target practice with my pink .22. I got several compliments on my grouping, and no one made fun of my pink gun, because, as my dad says, "They know

better than to make fun of a woman with a gun", especially if she shoots like me. ;-) Budman and his brother headed off to work on the house, and I did laundry and cleaned our room all day.

Yesterday was a terrific birthday.

In the morning, Budman woke me up properly (wink wink, nudge nudge), informed me that he was taking me out to dinner and a movie on Saturday evening (A DATE!!!!) and then made me breakfast, while the boys made cards for me. Later he headed off to work at his parents house. Grammy took the boys to Target to get me presents, and I stayed home and played a game on the computer and watched Food Network. When the boys got home, Monkey and Mater rushed in to give me my presents right away, while Possum snuck his off to his room, so he could give it to me later that evening. Monkey gave me two bars of Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate - One with Mint filling and one with Raspberry. Yum. Mater had picked out a box of Choxie truffles (I don't know what it is with those boys giving me chocolate, I think they're trying to make me fat(ter). They also brought me a flowering plant. Then they stood by my chair and said "Will you open the chocolates now - Can we have some?" NOW I know why they buy me chocolates...

I spent the afternoon cleaning out my closet, I still have plenty to do, but I made a quite a dent in it. I have two bags of clothes for Goodwill, and I threw out three boxes of stuff. Since it was my birthday, I got to request dinner, and we had Stewed Chicken, rice and green beans.

The boys gave me their cards (again) and Possum gave me a super-funny card (one of the ones that play sounds - My kids LOVE those. He also got me MORE Choxie Truffles, and RISK, the board game. I LOVE board games, and I've never played RISK, so I'm looking forward to figuring it all out. My parents gave me the latest Janet Evanovich book (which as of 2:30pm Tuesday, I've finished).

Then I got a phone call from my sister. She told me that my nephew, N, wanted to tell me something.

N: Happy Birthday

Me: Thank you, N! How are you?

N: Fine. I had a good green day today.

Me: You did? I'm so proud of you!

N: Yeah, I got a Popsicle and candy.

Me: You got candy? Wow.

N: Yeah, I got two candies, but I only ate one, cause then I was done.

Me: Cool! I really miss you, when are you coming to see us?

N: I'm coming to your house in about five minutes.

Me: Well, you need to come see me soon, we miss you lots.

N: OK. I love you, bye!

I told my sister that was the best present I could have gotten, N's not much of a talker, he's a little shy, even with family, since they live so far away and we don't see him that often.

Then we had cake and ice cream, and everyone sang to me and I blew out candles (We do it up right here - LOL!) My step-mom sent me to the cabinet to get some more napkins, which I thought was a little funny, since I could have sworn that we had plenty of napkins at dinner time, and because she's very funny about making sure that I didn't have to do anything on my birthday, but when I got in there, there was a gift bag, and inside was a NEW CAMERA!!! SO it's OK that I skipped begging Monday (although if they want to give me a camera, I will still be happy to accept. My new camera is a Sony Cyber-shot S750. It's not a DSLR, but I've been thinking that they might be too much camera for me, anyway. Besides, my new camera takes awesome, clear pictures, so I'm not complaining! LOL!

I told them all that it was the best birthday I ever had, and it was. Until next year...


for a different kind of girl said...

Yeah! Happy belated birthday! Your day sounded like perfection, and no doubt that camera was the capper to the day! said...

I'm glad you had a great birthday! Your nephew sounds so cute.

reneedesigns said...

congrats on the birthday. Chocolate and a camera sound pretty good to me.

brightmyer said...

A pink .22 - how cute! I'm new to your site, compliments of AllMediocre. Great job!

Happy Birthday!