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Friday, July 25, 2008

Change of name

I've changed my name. I don't know if anyone will notice or not, and it's not a big deal, but I decided that I shouldn't put my real name on my posts. Truly, it's not that big a deal, I'm not paranoid, and anyone that wants know my name wouldn't have to try hard to find it... My name is MELODY. See, told ya!

And to be perfectly honest, I thought of it the other day, and there was a logical reason why I thought I should make this change, but I cannot remember it now. I think it had to do with comments, and not wanting to make it too easy for family and such to find this blog. I'd rather have strangers read it. Although, there are so many of you who really don't feel like strangers anymore.

Geez, I seem to be rambling a lot lately (or maybe I always did). Now that I have the 100th post block out of the way, it's like verbal diarrhea overload

So anyway, no bog deal, but FYI, if you see Sunshine posting comments on your blog, just know that it's plain old Me.

Besides, I do so love nicknames...

On to today's business. Budman and I are taking my cousins to a concert tonight. No one you've heard of, just a friend of Budman, from back before he married me and became an old fuddy-duddy like his wife...

I'll post all the details Monday for the Weekend Update. Right now, I have to get busy, because I only have an hour and a half left in my work day and I still have 6 contracts to prepare and send out. YAY!!!


susan said...

Sunshine is a cute nickname. My brain is too fickle to choose a nickname for myself...and stick to it...and then rememer it!

for a different kind of girl said...

At least you chose a succinct and ideal nickname! Mine's been picked up from my blog name, and I don't think there's anyway to shake it now. I get referred to as so many different things, half the time I'm never sure if someone is referring to me when addressing me!

A Mom Two Boys said...

So when we're back to doing shout-outs next week are you Melody or Sunshine?! Are you trying to confuse me?