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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Ok, maybe it is a shameless ploy for comments

Or I could just really need your help.

I have to decide what movie I want to see this weekend. Keep in mind that the last time I went to a movie theater, was to see Harry Potter - Order of the Phoenix. So, while most people wouldn't have a hard time with this decision, this will likely be the only movie I see until November (when the NEXT Harry Potter movie comes out - NERD!!!!) and I want to pick THE movie.

I'm considering WANTED, INDIANA JONES and GET SMART. I'll also consider other movies that are suggested, because I really don't know what's worth seeing (or even what's out there right now)

So, tell me what you've seen lately - or what you want to see. Oh - and I did consider Sex and The City, but I'm pretty sure that forcing Budman to see that would ensure that he never takes me to another movie again...


for a different kind of girl said...

Ah, but it's for your birthday, so technically, you should be able to pick Sex and the City!

I've heard mixed reviews on Indy and Wanted, good things about Get Smart. All I hear at my house is "We want to see Wall*E!", so I'm not really down on the movies out now. The last one I saw was "Sex..." and I loved it.

I just realized I wasn't a ton of help here! Sorry!

Z said...

if you're up for a cartoon, I'd pick Wall-E - it would be my choice! (And I've heard fabulous things about it...)

brightmyer said...

I've seen Indy 4, and although I love Harrison Ford, I was a little disappointed in the new movie. I have seen Get Smart and it was funny, but it could have been better!

As for Harry Potter - I'm a nerd right along with you!

Connie said...

I have seen Sex & The City twice now and I would see it again.

But if I had to choose....I would pick Get Smart.

Wall-E would also be a good choice but I am holding out for DVD on that one since I'm sure my kids will watch it a million times when they get a little older.

Kristen M. said...

Of those I've only seen Get Smart. It was sweet and funny...not to be taken too seriously but good for laughs.

Dawn@Embracing the Ordinary Life said...

Popping over from AllMedocre...are we NOT supposed to shamelessly plug for comments?? LOL

I want to see Indian Jones...Wanted looks I think Get Smart will have to wait till it comes out on video...other than that, I don't think anything has really sparked my interest.

Rhea said...

All three of those movies look good, but I'd chose Get Smart. I really want to see that.

I saw Indiana Jones and it was fun (saw it with my hubby and my boys). Sex and The City was AWESOME, and I loved it! (saw this one by myself)

I found your blog through your comment on Pioneer Woman's site. Nice to meet you!

Monkey said...

I love your shameless ploy for comments...I'm such a comment hoe too...I find myself getting too worked up or bummed over something not getting comments! What in the world did I worry about before I started blogging I wonder! The last movies I saw was "Sex.." and "What Happens In Vegas..." They were both great. "What Happens..." was one of the funniest movies I've seen in a long time...we were all laughing constantly! I hope you saw something great! :)