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Monday, June 16, 2008

Shameless begging Monday

I forgot that today was Monday. Monday is camera begging day, so here goes.

Dear Nikon, Canon, Sony and friends others,

I love pictures. I love taking pictures. I have some adorable kids, and I have an all-encompassing NEED to take their pictures... But my camera, a Pentax OptioE10, just isn't cutting the mustard. It was nice as my first camera, and it took some OK pictures, but now I end up with gems like this:


So, Nikon, Canon, Sony and friends others, here is your opportunity to make Pentax look bad. Send me a camera, a beautiful, complicated non-fuzzy-picture-taking kind of camera, and I will review it, and sing your praises continually for the next hundred years or so...

**Here's the point where I offer Pentax the opportunity to reedem them selves by providing me with a new camera. I'm sure it's not your fault mine doesn't work, my kids probably dunked it in the toilet or something

(Just kidding about that toilet part - I never let my kids touch my camera.)


P.S. If you send two cameras, I can host a giveaway...


for a different kind of girl said...

Could you maybe put in a plug for some extra memory cards, too? Mine are forever telling me their full, and they're not. I'd be willing to gush wonderful words about them!

jennifer, playgroups are no place for children said...

I totally forgot yesterday AND today! I best write something for tomorrow!

Kelly said...

Does this really work? Because if so I am all over begging for expensive products and showing the blogosphere my crappy photos! Good luck! Visiting from AllMediocre!

Anonymous said...

You should internet panhandle for a new camera! My husband is currently doing that so he can afford me having a baby! Just set up a donation page through paypal. Seriously! Heck woman, you've got 5 kids, you're working and you're in school. You can't afford to buy a new camera right now. Wow!!

Love your sense of humor and great outlook!

Anonymous said...

I meant to send you a link.

For serious! There ain't nothing wrong with some internet panhandling!

anymommy said...

I hope you get one! My husband got my a bad ass digital nikon two years ago and I swear sometimes I like it more than my wedding ring.