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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Changes, Part II

OK, so I decided I would go with Eternal Sunshine. Sounds kind of peppy, and since I'm an annoying Pollyanna-type, it probably suits me.

I also decided to Plurk and Twitter. We'll see which one I end up sticking with.

If you want to follow me on Plurk, I'm at

For twitter, it's

I can already see how Plurk, Twitter and Facebook could totally ruin my blogging if I'm not careful. I'm sure I'll be able to figure out a nice balance once the new wears off.


In other news, I had yesterday off work. It was a busy day so that I could get the boys ready for school. I took Mater to get his shots in the morning, so that I could make sure that his new school had everything they needed (We got re-districted this year) for him to start next Tuesday.

I was pretty sure that Monkey's shots were up to date, but I took with him with us anyway, so that they could look over his shot record to be sure. When we got there, they told me that Monkey was up to date, and ... so was Mater. Crap - I drove 20 miles for nothing!

Next, we went to the school; I had been told at the end that since Mater was in Pre-K last year, I would have to redo the whole registration process at the new school. Turns out, the old school just transferred his records, so other than our proof of residence, they had everything they needed already. That was a nice surprise.

Then off the super mega store, that I hate, but dang - it's just cheaper than everything else! I got the rest of the boys school supplies (except for Possum, since he's in High School, we won't know what he needs until he gets there), picked up some school clothes for them, as well as new backpacks.

They were acting like wild animals in the store, but I was STARVING, so I took them to McDonald's for lunch. I normally wouldn't take them somewhere special if they hadn't been behaving, but I also knew that it was an exciting day for them, and they were having trouble "reining it in".

We did a little more shopping, then headed home, where I collapsed into a chair and didn't move for an hour. I still have to find a personal pencil sharpener for Monkey's list (WHERE do they come up with this stuff!?!?), but other than that, these kids are ready for school (and Mom is ready to send them!).

Possum has Fish Camp this weekend, I guess he will get his schedule then, and figure out "how High school works". I remember moving the summer before I started HS and I was SO nervous, AND I was new. At least he's not the new kid anymore...

His school is unlike any High School I've ever seen, they put the Freshmen into "The Freshman Academy", mostly separated from the upperclassmen, and when he moves to tenth grade, he will have to pick an "Academy", based on his interests and aptitude. It's very unusual (at least, I think it is), but I guess it works for them. I'm interested to see how it works.

I really hope that Possum enjoys High School as much as I did.

So now, our oldest starts high school, and our youngest is starting Kindergarten, dang, who said they could grow up!?


for a different kind of girl said...

That really is an interesting approach to high school. Here, now, because our district has grown so huge and to alleviate overcrowding, we have a 9th-10th grade building (which, I have no doubt, will be super crowded in three - gah! - years when my new 6th grader arrives). It's quite possible they run things far differently from when I went to high school, because even middle school, I learned in one rapid fire lesson Monday night, was far different from my time there. I'm sitting here now sending good vibes to my son, hoping he's doing well. I'm a nervous wreck!

Kristine said...

Academys in high school sound neat. There's a school district here that seems to think it's a good idea to start the pigeon holing in middle school though and that's ridiculous!

Of course this is coming from a girl who knew what she wanted to be when she was 11, but at 29 I have friends who still don't know what they want to i can see where the picking of an academy would be hard.

georgie said...

I have never heard of high schools doing that BUT by the time i was done reading your blog-I thought what a cool idea! my oldest bean started 9th grade last week-amazing to me that the next 4 yrs will no doubt fly by!

p.s. I just ordered fearless fourteen-can't wait for it to arrive-have you read it yet?