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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Here it is, as promised.

Since it's been over a week since I last posted, and PLENTY has happened in that time, I'm actually going to be kinda glad to get all of this out of my head - finally.

Unfortunately for you, I will be subjecting you to a bulleted list. (Why do people always apologize for the bulleted list?? I actually enjoy them - everything is organized neatly, so you can read each point, and move on. So, next time you do a bulleted list, no need to apologize - at least, not to me)

  • Two weeks ago, Budman and I took my cousins, Kaley and Kyla, to see this band, among others. Budman has been friends with them (the band, not my cousins) longer than we've known each other, and this is the first time we have gotten out to see them. It was fun, and I didn't get home until 1:30AM! I'm such a party girl.
  • In addition to Mater's birthday last Sunday, we had a b-day party to attend for one of Monkey's friend's, at Peter Piper's Pizza. It was a nice time, but I hate those things. I don't really fit in with all the other mothers, who I guess know each other all ready, and no one talked to me.
  • Since I don't really like having to hold conversations, I didn't mind it so much
  • My nephew, Nigel (See, I'm giving everyone names, now instead of initials) turned four on Wednesday, so we drove down to Waco for his birthday party.
  • I took 124 pictures before my camera battery died. Still loving my camera so much. Last year, with my old camera (which took AA batteries), I went through 6 batteries (could have gone through more, but I only brought six), and only got 60 or 70 pictures. This year, if I had charged my camera after Mater's birthday last week, my camera would have been good all day and then some
  • I wish I had gotten a picture of the play food that we bought for him, 'cause some of the items, were rather questionable - at least for a dirty-minded soul like me, and would have made for great blog fodder
  • Yesterday, while I was home with the boys, they asked to make books. I gave them paper, and helpd them draw things like rocketships, trains and boats. Turns out, they made "Mom and me" books. For example, Mater's book had pictures of me and him on the rocketship, train, etc... and chronicled the "adventures" we went on. Monkey's book was much the same, but the adventures were in a different order. SO cute... and creative
  • Mater's idea originally was to do a "recipe book" He changed his mind before I could figure out exactly what he had in mind, but it got me to thinking. If I had them each draw pictures of their favorite foods, and then added recipes, it could be cute. Need to give it more thought - I'm trying to figure out how I can turn it into a Christmas present idea
  • Still need someone to do help me learn my Statistics problems. UGH
  • It was 107 degrees here on Sunday, and 106 yesterday
  • It's only supposed to be 98 today, Thank goodness for Tropical Storm/ Hurricane/ whatever Edouard.
  • I think it's pretty sad when we're all jazzed about the temperature "ONLY" getting up to 98 degrees.
  • I'm leaving you with this picture of the cake that my sister, Joanna, made for Nigel's birthday. Prepare to be amazed. Oh, and please forgive the poor color quality of that last photo. I futzed with my camera setting, and I have no idea what I did wrong. But I still LOVE my camera!!!
In case you were wondering, that's Daffy duck, on a life raft in the Ocean. Made with food paste and fondant and all that good stuff, and dang, all I did was buy a cake at Albertson's for my kid...


for a different kind of girl said...

I've been to some of those birthday parties where it's a bunch of neighborhood or class moms. And me. Sometimes it's been like realizing you showed up at the party without clothes. I just want them to end sooner rather than later!

Anglophile Football Fanatic said...

I love the cake. Daffy looks happy in the water. Glad you are still loving the camera.

Z said...

Your recipe book idea sounds great! And that cake? Amazing. Your sister is talented!

noble pig said...

I love's organized. But my favorite one is the fact where you felt a bullet was necessary for the fact you don't like having conversations.

That made me laugh out loud...good one!

Canary said...

I love taking pictures too! :)