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Friday, August 15, 2008


I've made a few changes to my blog. (I'm sure you're sitting there right now saying, "Duh!")

Based on several series done lately by some really terrific bloggers, and the reactions to these posts by some of my friends, I've been making gradual changes. (Sorry if I missed anyone - it took me hours to go back and find the posts I was looking for)

This new template may end up being temporary, although it's really starting to grow on me. I have been desperate to find a 3-column layout, so that my sidebar wouldn't be so cluttered. Now, I've found it, but it's possible that when my blog figures out what it wants to be when it grows up, I will have someone design a template that is all mine.

I changed my name. Then, shortly after, the day after, in fact, I discovered another blog, written by a very lovely woman who calls herself Sunshine. (Yes, I am asking myself why I didn't check on that BEFORE I renamed myself... ANSWER: Because I'm an arrogant twit who thinks she knows everything, that's why) Her blog is older than mine, she's been Sunshine longer. I don't know how I missed it, and I'm not sure yet if it's that big a deal. It doesn't seem that we travel in the same circles, so any possible confusion might be avoided. I'm still up in the air, and not sure what i should do about it. I suppose I could begin calling myself 'Eternal Sunshine", which sounds a hell of a lot better than changing my name to 'Empty Mind'. Your thoughts on the matter??

So, name change issued to be addressed at a later date - but not too late, because it's driving me crazy.

My children's names will not be changing (except for Mater - maybe). Those animal names are actually their nicknames, and while we don't use them on a daily basis, we do use them. It started when my father named Chipmunk, and then we decided that all the children needed animal names as well.

For all of them, their animal name either fits their personality, or in Chipmunk's case, physical appearance. No, she doesn't have rodent teeth (and if she did, we would be calling her Peacock or some other animal name, 'cause I AM NOT THAT MEAN). She just has this habit of walking with her hands out in front of her like "paws" pointing down - or whatever. My point is, she looks a little like a chipmunk. Either that, or like the scene from Legally Blonde, where they do the "Bend, and SNAP!" routine. Given those options, I prefer Chipmunk.

Mater also has an animal name as well, we finally decided on Grasshopper, but since I had already started calling him Mater here, I never changed it... Besides, he's the only one that doesn't really "fit" his name, so I'm waiting to see if he grows into it before I make it permanent.

Aren't you glad I decided to share??

Now, please be sure to comment with your thoughts on the name issue. I feel rather silly, having made a big deal about changing it (which it wasn't) only to turn around and change it again, or worse, change it back... Help!


Sunshine said...

Oh - and I forgot. One more question.

Twitter or Plurk? I certainly don't have time for both, so I'm gonna have to choose one.

I would normally just look at their sites to see which one I liked best, but it appears that unless you join, they aren't going to let you do a whole lot of looking.

Anyway - your opinions, please...

for a different kind of girl said...

I like this template, but you can take my thoughts on that with a grain of salt, for I've had the standard issue Blogger template for nearly two years! Last night I was tinkering in Blogger to change the layout and I got so freaked I was going to ruin something and lose two years of writing, that I backed out! If I had the concrete idea (and cash!), I'd hunt someone out to design me a custom template.

I like Eternal Sunshine, to be honest. Maybe you want to try that on for a few days?

Finally, I don't know a thing about Plurk. I've never even been to the site. I've been on Twitter for a month or so now, and while it's still a bit of a time suck, I enjoy it. It's a fun way to meet some new people and expand blog reading abilities, if you wish to do that. said...

PLURK. Def. Plurk.

bananas said...

Regarding the name... I'd definitely go with something unique to separate you from the other Sunshine. Eternal Sunshine works... or you could do Sun or Sunny... good luck! Love the new look!