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Monday, August 25, 2008

Busier than a one-eyed cat watchin two mouse holes

Somehow, the elementary school managed to pass out THREE different school supply lists. I thought I had managed to get everything, only to find out at 8:00 last night that the list they gave me at "Meet the Teacher" night was different from the first two lists I was given. For both grades. Ugh. I will be getting more school supplies tonight - THE NIGHT BEFORE SCHOOL STARTS!!!


I completely blew off all laundry this weekend in favor of a really addictive video game, so I will be dong that tonight, too... Yeehaw.

Along with making sure two very dirty boys get their bath (They're most likely not dirty right now, but they will be.)

I need to call the financial aid office for MY shcool once they open, because they STILL won't release my funds, and I'm kinda freaking out...


Monkey will be joning Cub Scouts this year, and of course, the meetings are on Thursdays. Also, every event scheduled at their new school so far has also been on a Thursday AND, Possum has DeMolay on Thursdays. Budman and I are gonna be busy on Thursday.

I cannot tell you how happy I am that a three day weekend is coming up!!!!!

Thank you for letting me complain. I know I'm not the only one, but sometimes, you just got to let it all out to feel better! So, tell me how busy you are. (Or whatever else you want to complain about.) GO ahead - let it all out...


for a different kind of girl said...

It took me three different nights to buy school supplies, because we kept forgetting things, or the lists weren't clear, especially for middle school, and that was super annoying!

I'm off this week, under the guise of enjoying some space now that school is back, but really, all I'm doing is picking up the pieces of all the messes teh boys have left for me after a great summer. My basement is a terror zone!

Well, actually, I'm off because I'm supposed to be doing all kinds of things around the house, but I've done nothing after starting strong this morning, so I need to get my tush up and take the cars to get washed and to pay bills, since that's next on my busy list!

(we've done the Cub Scout drill. Except it was Monday nights, and my husband was a leader, so they were often at my house. Delightful...)


Mr. Noodle said...

I wonder how in the world you get it all done! You must not have any trouble getting to sleep at night!

Hope you know that all the Texas bashing was tongue-in-cheek!

Mr. Noodle

Little Birdie Secrets said...

I'm all for blowing off the laundry for just about any activity! Thanks for all your comments--keep 'em comin'!

Christina Lee said...

Being a former school teacher in a not so safe neighborhood- I am just happy to hear that there are parents who actually go out and get school supplies,to help teachers out who have to buy them all out of their own pockets..... but that's a whole 'nother topic for a different day.

Melody said...

Really? You want to hear me complain? Really? Because I really, really want to!

I was going to write this on *my* blog, but was afraid that my ds would read it and feel stupid and bad, so I didn't.

BUT! At my house I have more food than I know what to do with right now since EVERYTHING in my garden is ripening. So I have produce in my fridge, on my counter, in my freezer and have been canning apricot jam (42 pints to be exact!). I have over 30 chickens, so I get AT LEAST a dozen eggs a day. AND I make 3 square meals a day. Usually 2 are from scratch, lunch is from a box.

So my 17 yos (the one that I don't want to hurt his feelings) doesn't always eat my food (like breakfast this morning! homemade wheat bread with real butter and homemade apricot jam with scrambled (free range chicken) eggs). Sometimes he doesn't like it (like lunch today! he doesn't like hotdogs). Sometimes he's not in the mood for it.

So, he went with his bio-dad yesterday and weighed himself at his house. He has lost weight since he's come to live with me (been here since Feb.). Bio-dad has prepared foods in boxes and cans at his house, at my house it is make-it-from-scratch. Well, Dad has been down on his luck, so to speak, and has been going to the food bank and picking up groceries occassionally. So MY SON goes to the food bank and BRINGS HOME FOOD TO MY HOUSE! I don't need the food! Keep it for someone without a garden and without their pantry full of whole grains that you have to actually cook! BAH!

So not only do I feel badly that my son (though it is his own fault) has lost weight, but his bio-dad probably thinks that I don't feed him (though WHY I care what he thinks, I'm not sure), AND the food is from a FOOD BANK! Someone else needs that food more than I do!

That's how my day is; thanks for asking! =)

Sorry about the extra lists of stuff for school! I hate it when that happens. Don't you wish they'd just give you the dang list a few weeks before school when there isn't the pressure of hurrying to get it before tomorrow and while all of the good sales were happening?!?

Good luck with your Thursdays! I am *so* envious that you are going back to school. I'd love to do that! Someday.

Savvy Mode SG said...

i don't have kids but my sis says she has a crazy household all the time. is it true???