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Thursday, October 30, 2008

First order of business

Well, first things first. I hope that you read Tuesday's post and headed over to Rachel's house to enter her giveaway and click her pages (It's OK, that sounds dirtier than it is) in order to help her in her quest to fight Breast Cancer.

You did? Good, now go again. it's OK, we'll wait here for you.

2nd order of business, is that my baby sister (HA! She's taller than me!!) has FINALLY decided to blog, and I want you all to go check her out, because 1.) she's my sister, and I love her and 2.) She's WAY funnier than I am. But, I'm only going to tell you her link if you promise not to go leave me for her... Well, now that's settled, I can give you directions over to her place. Coppers Fox. I'll be helping her get settled in at her new home, and like I said, she's super terrific, so you'll want to come back and visit her often.

Next, we have a little cuteness from Monkey. Sorry, to my Plurky friends, you've already heard this, but it's adorable, so you'll just have to deal - or you can skip to the next paragraph, if you feel the need.

Last night, while Monkey was rolling around on the floor like a wild, well, Monkey

Monkey: "Mom, when I grow up, I'm going to join the US Army"
Me: "You are?"
Monkey: "Yep, I'm going to fight for our freedom"
Me: "wow..."
Monkey: "Yep, I'm going to leave my family to protect our country"
Me: "Wow, Monkey, that awesome!"

I don't know where he got this, and the thought of my little baby leaving his Mommy to fight for the country, while admirable, is terrifying to said Mommy. Thankfully, I know the Army won't take him until he's at least 10... Kidding.

In other news, he lost his FIRST tooth yesterday at school. The nurse gave him a certificate and a little treasure chest to keep it in, and the Tooth Fairy came last night and left him $2. (First teeth are worth more, she won't be quite so generous next time.)

Mater went to bed early last night, and woke with a tummy ache this morning, no fever, but the little guy stayed home from school today - just in case... I'm hoping he's feeling better for Halloween. it would break his heart if he had to miss out on the fun!


And, as usual, I must remind you that I am still donating my October revenue to the Alzheimer's Association. And don't forget to enter the giveaway for my Blogoversary! You have until October 31...


Lisa said...

Well duh! I already knew all this =) but had to show some clicky love anyways.

Connie said...

What a cute little Monkey story!

Off to visit your sister!

for a different kind of girl said...

Monkey is so adorable!

My little sister is taller than me, too! And dang if she didn't get wavy hair, too, while I got stuck with the straight. Who said life's fair, eh?!

:) said...

It's still very patriotic of him. And, it's still precious.