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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Save the Ta-Tas


This month, my dear friend Rachel @ From the Land of Monkeys and Princesses is raising awareness for Breast Cancer, and donating her October revenue to that cause. (I may have mentioned this before...)

Well, now, she's having a
super giveaway and you need to go over there and check it out. There are LOTS of terrific prizes, (I've even thrown a small prize into the mix) and I'm sure there's at least one that you want to win. Even if you're not interested in the giveaway, please hop on over to Rachel's place and take a look around. All monies earned in the month of October will be donated to Breast Cancer Research


And, as usual, I must remind you that I am still
donating my October revenue to the Alzheimer's Association.

the giveaway for my Blogoversary! You have until October 31...


Lisa said...

YAY! Thanks for joining in the feeling up =) lol

Maren said...

I love that you guys are doing your best to support important causes. If I ever get any revenue, I plan to do the same thing!:)

Nap Warden said...

Yay for you guys...I donated an illustration to Rachel:)

Rachel said...

Thanks you darling darling girl!! said...

Yay for the shout out to R. My Nov funds will be going to something, too.