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Monday, June 2, 2008

Busier than a one-legged man...

In a butt-kicking contest.

Whew! Well, Here's the weekend Friday update.

Friday, Budman and I were headed to Mater's school because he won the "Insert school name and mascot here" Pride Award for the 6th 6 weeks. It's an award that is voted on by teachers (with student input) and it's for students who show good character. Yay Mater! This honor won him a certificate and a donut breakfast with the pricipal in the library Friday morning. We were planning to head into work late - after the presentation was over. Unfortunately, fate, karma or the universe had other plans. On the way to the school, my car died. At 60 mph. On the freeway. Yippee.

THANKFULLY, grandma was also going to the school, so that she could take Mater for the day after the presentation - and we would be able to head on into work. (Mater's in afternoon pre-K, so he wouldn't NEED to be there for another several hours.) So, we all hopped in Grammy's car, headed to the school,

then went back home to call a tow truck. ARGH!!! Budman was not a happy camper.

As it happened, we had left Budman's truck at my work on Thursday, to save gas, and because we were both headed to the house anyway, it seemed nicer to keep each other company. Of course, this meant that we had ONE car at home, and NO alternate way into work.

So, I got an unexpected day off work on Friday, it was spent doing lots of laundry. After a little while, Budman and I arranged to borrow my father's Jeep to go pick up his truck. After a VERY windy, bumpy ride (I have decided that I do NOT want a Jeep!) we got to my work and managed to pick up the truck without being seen by anyone who knows me.

On the way home, Budman got a call from the school nurse. At Possum's school. Apparently, there had been a fight, and Possum did NOT win. She felt that he might need medical attention, and could we please come get him. ARGH!!! So, Budman and I headed toward school to pick him up. Of course, as is our luck, before we could get there, there was a multi-car pile-up on the freeway, about 100 yards in front of us. We got to watch as the rescue vehicles arrived, and proceeded to shut down the freeway for 45 minutes. 45 very long, very sunny, very hot minutes in a Jeep. I actually turned on the A/C, which was less than effective with no top or windows, but I didn't care.

Budman called my dad to go get Possum, and once we were able we headed home.

Turns out, Possum is fine, relatively speaking. His face is a bit cut up, and he has TWO black eyes. I'm not really sure what happened, but apparently he and another kid decided that they were going to box after class. Ugh - Teenage boys...

This was supposed to be the WEEKEND update, but this is getting long, and I still have two days to go. Besides, I never have anything to post on Tuesdays anyway, so I will continue my tale tomorrow.

I'll bet you just CAN'T wait...


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3 comments: said...

Did the weekend at least get better after the broken car and two black eyes??

anymommy said...

I, for one, can't wait! And, I love the new allmediocre bling at the bottom. Hope the black eyes are on the mend.

Shamelessly Sassy said...

Hope the black eyes are improving. Lovely blog!