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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Adventures of Super Moron

So this morning, I was standing out by the car, waiting for Budman to come unlock it for me. He was taking to long, so I headed back toward the house to help him look for the keys.

About that time, he came outside, and at the moment, I felt pain on my leg. When I looked down, I realized that my slacks, shoes and trouser socks were COVERED in ants.

Yes, really.

Yes, I know this kinda sh*t only happens to me.

Yes, I know I'm a gigantic dork.

Shall I continue??

So I let out a little squeak, kicked off my shoes and began brushing the ants off. The little bastards were biting me through my trouser socks, and I was already itchy.

Budman, I believe, was torn between concern and wanting to laugh at me. He managed to feign enough concern that I didn't have to kill him.

So, after I quickly rid my self of the passengers, I was able to hop in the car so we could get on our way to work. And all I could think the whole way there is "I really hope I got them all, 'cause if I brought any ants into this car, Budman's going to have kittens."


for a different kind of girl said...

Reading this made my skin crawl just a bit and I now feel the need to slap at my legs, or scratch my head! said...

I read the if you put a Tablespoon of grits (powdered maybe?) on the ant hill, that will get rid of it. The ants will eat the grits and them it will puff up and kill them. I don't know, I'm not from Texas and I did ask my neighbor from Texas and she had never heard of that remedy!!!! Good luck, aren't they nasty little critters.

Jenny said...

I'm even more itchy than I was when I found a tick on my shoulder last night...

Sorry you started off your day with ants!