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Monday, June 23, 2008

Half of me Giveaway Contest, More Excuses and Shameless Begging

This is part of PastaQueen's Viral video prize giveaway and super secret bonus content.

Head on over and check it out.

And - FYI, I'm going to be as lazy as possible (blogging-wise) this week.

I'm on VACATION next week, so I feel an overwhelming urge to clean my desk off (Meaning: actually work through the hideous piles of paperwork being stored in the spot where my desk used to be) before I leave for a week. This has less to do with wanting everything to be done, and more to do with the irrational fear that I will leave something undone, and come back to find out I no longer have a job.

Or maybe it's not so irrational. (I hate when I do that - begin a sentence with And, But or Or. But how else are you supposed to start the stinking sentence??) Please, someone tell me!!

So, I will be skipping the weekend update (Mainly cause my weekend was uneventful and incredibly boring.) and putting my nose to the grindstone (ouch).
Oh, and it's
camera begging day. So, Nikon, Canon, Sony and the gang... Get with the program - I NEED that camera - Vacation is next week!! So is my birthday... You guys don't want to ruin my birthday with my crappy camera taking crappy pictures, do you???


I didn't think so - So let's get moving!! Send me that wonderful camera, I will be more than happy to review it for you, and tell both of my readers the world all about it!!!

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for a different kind of girl said...

Vacation...I dream of such a thing! Good luck getting that desk cleaned off! I need to view my house as one giant hurdle before I go on vacation, I think! The lack of an actual vacation seems to slow me down!