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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Why is it so hard to think up titles for these things?

Today was an early day for us. Budman had plans to take my step-dad fishing this morning. And sure enough, Papo B was standing in our driveway at 6:25am! Of course, with Budman puttering around the bedroom, turning on lights and opening doors, I was up. I honestly tried to go to sleep once he left the room, but he kept coming back in to ask me stuff. So, I grabbed my robe, and headed outside to say goodbye.

Busy busy busy.

I hopped in the shower once they were gone, had another successful experience with the VEET® products I mentioned yesterday. Good thing, too, 'cause I went and bought some shorts yesterday after work. Can you believe that I did not own ONE.SINGLE.PAIR. of shorts?? Sometimes, I am so bizarre.

Oh - and thank you all for your comments of yesterday's FtF post. If anyone tries the VEET®, please let me know - I would love to hear how it goes...

My nephew N is staying with us for a few days - His daycare was closed Friday, and so they drove him up Thursday evening, and will be by in a while to come get him. I am taking the little ones to my mother's this morning, which is also where my sister, her hubby and N will be heading. Us gals are going to do some sewing stuff, while the boys play with N and Uncle K. Once Budman, Papo B and Possum are done fishing, they will be hading back so that we can have lunch.

And , now that I've looked at the clock, I just realized that I need to load up my sewing machine and get this show on the road.

I'll probably have a lot of cutsie saying by the time this weekend is over, but for now, I'll give you this:

N, to me this morning: "Aunt Mel, where's your best friend?"
Me: "You mean Uncle Budman?"


Jennifer H said...

My husband is the least quiet person I know. He always wakes me up early (earlier than I would like).

Found you through AllMediocre--glad that I did!

for a different kind of girl said...

If I even know my husband has to wake up early, I hardly sleep because I *know* he's going to wake me up with his noise, so yeah!

I tried the Veet this morning! It was on sale at the Target, and, because I have faith, I got two bottles! Minus a few spots that I think were more my error than Veet's, it worked great. I kept it on six minutes, though, because I always think I have hair o' steel!

Anonymous said...

Little kids always say the sweetest things. And, we're always up by 6:30, so I fully understand how early that is!

EatPlayLove said...

My hubby always gracefully rolls out of bed and gathers up my morning girls, while I *sorta* fall back to sleep for about an hour in the morning. I cherish the time.

Sometimes I can't title a post until I write it all down, then it will come to me!