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Monday, May 5, 2008

weekend update

This weekend was - thankfully - largely uneventful. Friday, I slept all day, took Possum to his appointment (He remembered not to ride the bus home - YAY!)

Friday evening was more hanging out in the recliner under a blanket.

Saturday, Budman and Possum headed off to his parents house to help out. They've just bought a house, and between moving, repairs, yard work and auto maintenance, Budman and Possum have given up ALL of their weekends lately. Unfortunately Budman's dad is too sick to do most of these things and his Mom shouldn't be doing it all by herself (although, she's a tough one!) and Budman's brother bailed to AZ, so there isn't anyone else to help them. I stayed home with the little ones, we went out to lunch at our local Italian/Mexican/home cooking restaurant - Chicken Fried Steak, Flautas, and Ziti with Meatballs were just a few of the items ordered at our table.

After that, more sleep, then watching the boys while they played outside in the backyard. We picked berries, and the boys ate them with sugar. Budman and Possum got home very late, and he was exhausted.

Sunday morning, even though I still felt like crud, I volunteered to head back over to my in-laws house with Budman and Possum, so that we could (hopefully) finish up the hedge-trimming and auto repairs (actually, Budman handles auto repairs) and get back home in time for lunch. We had Grammy take the little ones to church, and we got over to the in-laws house and got down to work (after waiting for them to get home for 30 minutes) When I finally looked at my watch again, it was 1:30, and there was no way that we were going to be home in time for lunch. Budman had promised the boys a fishing trip in the afternoon, so after a quick lunch, we finished up and headed home. Of course, we were all exhausted, and when Budman found out that the boys had Monday off from school, he quickly decided that he would take the day off of work and take them fishing then instead of Sunday evening.

So, last night was spent being completely lazy. We did give the little ones their summer haircuts, (This is when I stop spending money on professional cuts for the summer, and buzz their little heads in the driveway!) they have been begging for weeks to have it done already. I was waiting until I was sure that it wouldn't be getting cold anymore. Monkey asked to be completely bald, and I told him that he would have to wait until school was out for that. He's almost there, anyway. I will have to get pictures, soon. For Mater, we can't go quite as short with him - he's so blond, that he looks like he has no hair at all if we get it too short, not to mention I worry about sunburn on his head. I figure we can slap a little sunscreen in his hair, right??

So, the boys (Budman included) went fishing today, and I headed in to work. I'm still feeling a bit yucky, but nothing to stay home over, so here I am.

I'm glad Budman got a chance to do something fun with the boys - weekends are often so busy, that it's good when they can all have a little guy time.

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for a different kind of girl said...

Glad it sounds like you're feeling better, and survived a busy weekend.

I should just shave my boys' heads bald, their hair grows like weeds! They'd probably love it!