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Monday, May 12, 2008

Weekend Update - Mother's Day edition

Whew! I'm tired! Busy busy busy...

Saturday, we loaded up the kids and went fishing. First, we stopped by the grocery store, and picked up stuff for lunch. Out at the lake, we fished a while (with only Budman and Mater catching anything), and once it started to get a little crowded, we headed up to a picnic table and started lunch. I played 'I Spy' with the boys while Budman cooked brats and we all snacked on potato chips. After fishing, the guys dropped me off at the house so they could go shopping for Mother's Day gifts. After a while, they came back and said "We couldn't find anything, so we're sending you to get you haircut, and to get a pedicure and your nails done." My gut, told me they just wanted me out of the house, and I was right - but, hey, who am I to argue??

So here are my nails...


And my toes


Also, the flip-flop sandals that Monkey and Mater picked out while shopping. Monkey picked the red ones, and Mater picked the white ones!! This way - I didn't have to take two pictures.


These are the shoes that Budman picked out for me - I should have known, he was just commenting the other day about how dirty my Keds were...


I think this is what happens when you send boys/men shopping. Oh well - We LOVE us some Tony Stewart!!! I alos got a Tony Stewart #20 Home Depot t-shirt and a Dallas Cowboys t-shirt. I LOVE having boys! :)


Choxie truffles - YUM. I had to go ahead and eat a few of these - I left them on my laptop - and they melted. In situations like that it is best to remove the evidence. Still have several yummy sounding flavors to try, but unless I want to share 2/3 of every truffle with Monkey and Mater, I think I will hide in my closet to eat the rest!

IMGP1501Here is the card Monkey made me at school. Inside, there are several pages where he completed the sentences his teacher had written. If I had a million dollars, I would buy my Mom: a slidr fon, a red slidr fon (a slider phone, a red slider phone) I didn't even know he knew what a slider phone was!! The best thing about my Mom is: byin her stuf (Buying her stuff) And the last one (which he said he didn't have time to finish, but completed for me verbally) It makes my Mom happy when: I get a sticker.

I think it's a remarkable likeness, don't you?

IMGP1502 Aren't I lovely??

IMGP1505 He also made this bookmark - they picked the flowers themselves, pressed them and made them into bookmarks. I think I love the stuff they bring home from school better than the stuff from stores...

IMGP1506This is the card from Mater - There's a poem inside - very cute


Here is a photo my Mom took of all of us yesterday (well, not all of us, but all of us that were there...)

Hope you had a terrific Mother's Day - My guys really outdid themselves this time...


Anonymous said...

That's so adorably sweet. And, you got your nails done. Way to go. But, I didn't know you were a Boys fan? Ugh. Let's not ever talk football, okay!

for a different kind of girl said...

All your boys are so incredibly sweet! I love the homemade cards and crafts. My youngest was bringing me home stuff for two weeks prior to Mother's Day. Toss church crafts in there and I have plenty of bookmarks for the books I'm compelled to finish. It's good to know that I'll know where I left off two years prior!

What a great Mother's Day you had!

Don Mills Diva said...

You look great - I haven't had my nails done in YEARS!

texasholly said...

That is just the sweetest. I love the picture. It really does look like you in such a fun way!

Thanks sooo much for linking today!