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Monday, May 19, 2008

Weekend Update

Here I am, back with another weekend update! Saturday was a busy day - Budman and Possum worked on the boat engine ALL.DAY.LONG. Monkey and Mater went with me to drop the clothes at the cleaners, and then they went to a birthday party at The Little Gym. If you have one of these near you, I highly recommend a birthday party there. The party was 90 minutes long, and it was the most well-organized 90 minutes - with kids - I had ever seen. Every thing went like clockwork. And boy, did the kids have a blast!! I had my camera, but for some reason, it went kaput on me, so I may have to have Budman take a look at it for me (Or else convince him that I REALLY do need a new one- haha)

After the party and picking up the clothes from the cleaners, we went home and the kids played in the driveway, while Budman and Possum finished up working on the boat. I went into town to get some Popeye's chicken for dinner, and then back outside again. My excitement for the evening happened when I ran up to the corner store to get a lottery ticket. I picked up a bottle of Starbucks frappuchino and some candy for the kids, and as I was standing in line, I noticed a man standing by my car. I thought that it was rather strange, so I watched him closely, then realized with a sinking feeling that I hadn't locked my doors, as he reached for the door handle and opened my passenger side door. Without thinking, without even putting down the items that I was carrying in my hands (and hadn't paid for yet), I ran out the door, and YELLED at him "Hey! What do you think you're doing?" Apparently, I scared the crap out of him, because he began stammering and apologizing and saying that he had the wrong car. When I looked down, he had already put his beer in my floorboard. I guess it was an honest mistake after all... I locked my doors, and went back into the store, where the gentleman in front of me apologized for his friend, and the man behind me claimed that I had "scared him". I told him that "I pretty much scared myself". So, I paid for my items, and hoped that no one would notice that my hand was shaking as I passed my money over the counter. When I got home, I told Budman my story, and he was NOT happy. He didn't know what I was thinking, running outside to confront that man. For the record, neither do I.

Sunday, was a little less crazy, Budman and Possum took the boat out to the lake in the morning, I had instructions to meet them there at 9:30 with the little ones. That way they would have time to make any needed adjustments before we got there. Unfortunately, while the motor runs terrific, it has some sort of transmission (is it called a transmission on a boat??) issue, where the boat will not go forward OR backward. So when we got there, Budman and Possum were making their way back to the shore, by paddling with a 2x4. According to Budman, this is a fairly easy problem to fix, but he didn't have the tools he needed there at the lake. All the same, we came there to fish, so he put Mater and Monkey in the boat, strapped them into their life vests, and let them fish in the boat anyway. So what if we were 5 feet offshore, the boys didn't care.

We didn't catch anything, and after a while we headed home for lunch - My aunt, uncle and cousin had come over, and they had brought kids with them. When the neighbor put her kid over the fence so he could play too, that's when Budman and Possum snuck out for a haircut. Grrr.. I managed to keep the kids outside, and when they finally left, I was completely wore out.

The kids didn't watch a minute of TV this weekend - until Sunday evening, when I decided that I had finally had enough outside time (It got up to 92 degrees yesterday - ugh!) I made let them come in and watch America's Funniest Videos. I don't know what it is about that show that they love so much...

Anyway, that's mostly it. It was a pretty good weekend, and I only wish it had been longer...


Rachel said...

Dadgum girl!! What a busy weekend.
I would have run out there screaming too!
Glad it was just a mistake and not something terrible!!!

anglophilefootballfanatic said...

I always wish the weekends were longer. My son's 2nd bday was at Little Gym. I loved it, too.