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Monday, March 3, 2008

Weekend Update.

**Note: In case you missed the post explaining who's who in our family, here's the post where I explained it all.**

This weekend was nice. Saturday, we headed out to get Possum some glasses (to replace the ones he lost - GRRR) and then to Payless to get me new work shoes, (Hooray for BOGO). We wandered around Target for a while, and then we all headed to lunch at Taco Casa. The boys LOVE eating there.

I was very proud of Monkey and Mater. Mater just recently decided that he does like lettuce after all, so he ate a soft taco WITH lettuce on it (AND he ate the whole thing)! He did so well, I bought him a cup of black olives, which he devoured immediately.

Monkey, who wouldn't have eaten lettuce no matter what, ate TWO soft tacos, and while I took most of the lettuce off for him, I told him that was the best I could do. He ate it anyway, and now claims he likes lettuce as well. Of course, he also says he likes mustard, but he rarely eats it. He's a strange one.

Budman and Possum walked over to the Army Navy store while the little ones and I finished eating, and then we went to get them. They got a new backpack for Possum, (His THIRD one this year - How do they do it???). Then, we went home, and watched Transformers.

I wish I had gotten a picture of the new game the boys made up that evening. Monkey had four quarters in his pocket, so they set up a game where they each threw their quarter to see who could get closest to a little foam disk that they had thrown out into the floor. I looked up from what I'm doing and said "You guys are pitching pennies!!! Who taught you that?" Of course, they were very proud to inform me that they thought of it all on their own.


Sunday was lovely, the boys went to church with Grammy, while Budman and I went out to run errands. We got him a new laptop case, got Possum some new school supplies (his folders were ripped to shreds, and he didn't want to tell us, I guess) and I got to go to Michael's!! I got some crochet hooks and some yarn. I learned the basics when I was a little girl from my great-grandmother, but I haven't done anything more than play around with it since. I was looking at beginner patterns the other day, and printed some instructions from the Internet, and figured I would give it a shot. Of course, I don't know when I will find the time...

After lunch, we took the boys to the batting cages. Possum and Monkey both got to hit several times, and did quite well. It was Monkey's first time at a batting cage, he's always just hit the ball in the yard with Budman before, and he did SO good! We put them in the slow cage, but it was still pitching 30-35 mph balls! Budman and I both took our turns as well, and Budman decided to try out the 80mph cage. Gosh, that made me nervous! He did awesome, though. Mater decided that he didn't want to try it yet, cause he's "too little" His words, not mine. LOL! Then we stopped at the baseball fields close to home and Budman timed the boys while they ran bases. They were whooped when we got them home. I filed my taxes last night (FINALLY) and then we went to bed!

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