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Monday, March 24, 2008

Weekend Update

**EDITED to add: I tried not to make this post sound whiny or as if I were complaining. I'm not, really, sorry if it comes across that way...**

Ah, this was a busy one. Budman left my camera at work, so I have NO pictures of our Easter frivolities.

Friday, Budman was planning to replace the alternator in my car, so I took his truck to get Easter baskets for the little ones, and eggs for coloring. As we were leaving Albertson's, his truck wouldn't start, so the boys and I headed back in to call him to come get us. Since my little car had a faulty alternator, and most likely wouldn't have been able to jump the big truck, he had my father come with him. Unfortunately, the battery was still showing a charge, and the alternator seemed to be the problem. ARGH! So, both boys, Budman, and I all rode home with my father in his pickup (NO BACK SEAT!) Thankfully, we were not far from home, but I was VERY uncomfortable with the arrangement.

Saturday morning, the alternator that Budman put in MY car was not working, (and we still didn't have the truck back) so I had to borrow my step-mother's car to take the boys to my mother's for our family Easter egg hunt. Budman put the old alternator back in my car, and went off to help his brother build something.

We had lunch at my mom's house, and then Easter egg hunting with all my cousin's kids. Seems there's a lot of sickness going around these days, so we had a skeleton crew this year. My mother has 6 siblings, I have MANY cousins, and out of the 8 or so of us that live in town we usually have around 15 kids each year. We only had 10 this time, still quite a few... Monkey & Mater were VERY well behaved, I was so proud of them. Funny, don't you just LOVE getting your kids around other kids - just so you can see that yours aren't so bad after all?? Budman, worked all day with his brother, and came home late, falling asleep on the couch instantly, poor thing.

Sunday, we headed off to get his truck from the Albertson's parking lot. Turns out, it wasn't his alternator, only the battery (weird, they even tested it at the auto parts store, and said it was fine.) Anyway, the new battery did the trick, and we brought the truck home. When we got there, Grammy was loading the boys in the car, to go get Papo J; he had run up to the corner store, where the BATTERY died on his Jeep - it wouldn't start, and she needed to go rescue him. LOL! They're all convinced I'm a jinx! I pulled the boys from the car so we could get the eggs colored for our Easter Egg hunt that afternoon with my cousins from my father's side of the family. Budman volunteered to go get Papo J.

We kinda had to laugh at all the car issues this weekend. I told Budman that we should just be thankful they all happened now, while we still have tax money instead of some week when we can't afford it. That's normally our luck!! Besides, he said it was finttin for Easter weekend, since his truck died on Friday, and we fixed it on Sunday (;-P I told him that was sacrilege!!)

Anyway, Uncle K and his gang were coming over for lunch, but were running late because they had car trouble (LMAO!!) then Easter egg hunting and off to the airport so that we could pick up Possum. We got home just in time to put the little ones to bed, and off to sleep ourselves not long after.

Why are weekends so tiring? Why do I always expect to get rested up on the weekends? I should know by now resting up is what work is for!


Don Mills Diva said...

I couldn't agree more - I still have the mindset that I can sleep in on weekends and so I stay up later and they end up being waaay more tiring than the week. I have to get it through my head that there is NO rest for mom.

Meg said...

I totally agree with Don Mills knows no holidays or weekends or days off or sick days....

kindof_agirl said...

Oh! Your weekend does sound draining, batteries to spirits! Way to keep your sense of humor intact!

I also completely agree about that getting your kids around others theory. It's insanely true!