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Friday, March 7, 2008

Fighting the Frump - Week 5 (or is it 6?)

OK - so you all have seen the Before and After photos of my haircut. What? You haven't? Shame. Go ahead, take a peek, I'll wait.

I suppose I should get to the point. My fight the Frump tip is this:

Never let your husband go pick out your hair care products at Target while you stay next door at Payless and shop for shoes (which is another upcoming FtF post in itself).

These are the products I found in the basket upon checkout:
In case you can't read that - it says: Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Shampoo and Conditioner

Anyone catching the problem, here yet??

I'll continue.

Also in the basket (and I didn't even notice this one until I got home):
Oh - In case you can't read what it says - That's a bottle of Garnier Fructis Style Curl Shaping Spray Gel

Figured it out yet?

I'll help.

Let's take another look at my Before Photo, shall we? (I was going to post it here, but I can't look at it again - YOU go look.)
Now, let's take a look at Budman - Notice his CURLY locks?
(Boy, he is a handsome devil, though)

What? Sorry.

Think back. Did ANYONE see anything remotely resembling a curl on my head?

No? Weird.

My darling Budman must think I have curly hair, because when I pointed out that I did, in fact, not have any curls at all, he said "I thought that was the stuff we always got."

Bless his little pea-pickin' heart.

The moral of the story:
Buy your own dang hair-care products, or Lord knows what you will end up with.

And I've got to use it, cause I'm too cheap to let it go to waste - or to buy new stuff until the old stuff is gone!

Be sure to Fight the frump with the Fabulous Mrs. Fussypants today!


Mackenzies Momma said...

I too have no 'real' curls to speak of. Though I LOVE the TIGI Curl's Rock shampoo, because it gives my hair way way more volume than ANY 'volumizing' shampoo I have met, EVER in my life.

Darla said...

Oh honey, forget the past (except to learn from it) and keep that new stylin do of yours going! That RAWKS!

Amy said...

Budman is very handsome. Based on his looks, I think he should be forgiven!

(My husband would of done the same thing, and I have super straight hair)

Valarie said...

Men, they just don't get hair care.

DaisyBug said...

I think I would sooner let dh choose my shoes than my shampoo, LOL... I thought that's what we always got - classic man answer - I love it! :)