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Friday, March 28, 2008

Fighting the Frump - Back with a Vengance?

OK - not a vengeance. But I am back. After being lazy taking a few weeks off to come up with new ideas, I am back to Fight the Frump!!

I've been having a bit of trouble thinking of new ways to Fight the Frump. I've talked about getting rid of the old to make room for the new and I've discussed the wonders a new haircut can do. There was the ever important Beauty Sleep mention and the post where I cheated recapped some of the FtF ideas of the lovely and oh so smart ladies who are Fighting Frump with me every week. Then there was my not so humorous post about what happens when you send a man to do a woman's job.

At this point you're saying "Oh, goodness - Not another recap post! Can't she come up with an original idea??" At least, that's what I would be saying.

I have a busy life (don't we all??) Kids, work, school, blogging other stuff - It's a wonder we ever get anything done - This is no surprise to anyone, I'm sure. Budman and I leave our house each morning at 5:45 while the kids are still in bed. We carpool because gas prices suck - and I arrive at work just before 7:00. This is not that bad, since we now leave our house earlier, and because traffic is not as bad at the butt crack of dawn that early hour. I leave work at 4:30, and we arrive home at 6:00, provided there are no stops to make and no major accidents. We then have dinner, help the kids with homework, I get out the laptop and do my school lessons (which I have also spent my lunch hour doing), play with the kids if I'm lucky before I put them to bed, and then head off to bed myself. Weekends are slightly better, with work & homework removed from the mix - although I still try to find time for my schoolwork. We try to limit our social obligations, but someone always wants us to come for a visit. We try to make time for us to do things as a family. (oh, and just in case you're wondering, I don't leave my kids home alone in bed while I traipse off to work - Grammy takes care of the kids - getting them ready for school, on the bus each morning and Mater to school at noon each day.)

And here it is. My fight the Frump tip. Find some time to do something YOU like to do. Doesn't have to be everyday - In fact, if your life is like mine, there's no way in Hades that you will find the time everyday.

Lately, I have taken up crochet. I'm not terribly good at it, but I like it, it's even something I can do while watching classes on the laptop for school - if it's an easy project. So far, I've made a hat - I was supposed to make two - one for Monkey and one for Mater, but the first one turned out too small and VERY lumpy. So, I switched to something else. The pattern calls it an evening shawl, but it's not really looking fancy enough to be an Evening Shawl. Since my mother (like me) is ALWAYS cold, I thought she might like to have it to wrap around her shoulders while watching TV, or sitting at the movies. My mother NEVER goes anywhere without a sweater or a wrap - LOL! Last night, I started what will probably be a small blanket - no pattern, but I'm trying a new stitch I had never seen before, and really liked.

I hope soon to pick up sewing again. (HA! like I've sewn a lot up to this point.) So far, I made the boys Halloween costumes (Actually, I sewed two little pullover vests - it's less impressive than it sounds) and I sewed (and this one, I'm REALLY proud of) stockings for all seven of us this year. Next I would like to try aprons. This probably won't happen for while, but I like to plan for the eventuality of it anyway. Daydreaming about what fabrics I might use, and what it will look like when it's done, and how it will be the absolute most cutest (yes, I just said that - but only for effect) ever made in the history of aprons.

OK, so go find something you like to do. Scrapbooking, gardening, reading, watching movies, making jewelry - something that makes you feel good - something that relaxes you, or something that invigorates you. Just do something.

It feels good, I swear.

For more Frump fighting ladies, visit Fussy today!


Valarie said...

Yes, doing something you like to do will make you feel better about yourself. Very good point. :)

Joy said...

You time is a great way to fight the frump! Good post!

Darla said...

I am going to learn to tassle if it kills me (and it might - bwahahahah).

I agree - I feel much less frumpy when I have a "purpose" besides shoving cookies into my mouth =)

Jane @ What About Mom? said...

Good idea, and I'm glad for the recap, because I'm just discovering Fight the Frump and need to catch up with all you lovely ladies.

I learned to crochet a bit a few years ago -- just the edging stitches that go around a baby blanket or something. I am sooo not crafty, and it was great to make something with my own two hands for my babies. And loved having something to do while watching tv or sitting around.

Too bad you can't crochet and type at the same time!!

Lil Mouse said...

i agree. do something for you.

i might suggest buying ready-made aprons (kids could grow into) for about $5 and then ironing on a pattern and cross stitching/ embroidering a pattern that would grow with them. I did one for my younger sister in law of a couple of puppies carrying a pie. she loved it. she's 14.

Kendra said...

You are so right.
I'm about a good 2 years behind in scrapbooking and pictures. I really need to make time for that.

Michelle@Life with Three said...

I agree wholeheartedly! Although, sometimes it's hard to motivate myself to get up off the couch and do something recreational at the end of the day! :)

Mackenzies Momma said...

I do that anyways ;) great tip though!

for a different kind of girl said...

I just finished a day's worth of tasks and am just getting the chance to sit down, so reading this has come at the perfect time! My goal in getting things done is so I can spend time this weekend reading. I have so many books I wish to dive into, so I'm hoping I can break the surface of a couple!

Great idea!

HRH said...

It is good to have a creative outlet. So hard to fit it in, but I agree that it is essential.