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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

With a capital T - and that rhymes with C and that stands for


My little Monkey is a good liar, it turns out. Last night when I got home, I asked him if he got a sticker at school (This is the conduct process they use at his school). He said "yes", we said "Good!" and went about our evening. Budman and I were dealing with Possum and some assignment/homework issues he was having, I ate dinner, and played/talked with the little ones. Later, when I asked to see Monkey and Mater's notebooks, Mater brought his right away, I signed it, and looked at his papers. Monkey started in with a story instead "Um, my teacher wasn't there, and I had another teacher and I got a smiley face, but she THOUGHT I had a bad day, so the smiley face looks a little weird."

Anyone suspicious at this point? I was. I opened his notebook and saw something similar to this.

Now, it was written in pencil, and basically, it looked like a 6 year old had drawn it. Normally, his teacher, when she doesn't have time to do stickers will draw a smiley face (two vertical lines for the eyes and a smile) in pen or marker. I asked Monkey over and over if he had drawn it, I all but called him a liar, gave him MANY chances to tell the truth before I grounded him... Oh - the two colored dots correspond to whatever infraction he committed yesterday, I can never remember what they mean. Keeping hands to himself, and following directions, I think. So, you can see why I might be a bit suspicious of his story.

No matter how many times I asked him, no matter that I said repeatedly that he would be in more trouble for lying, than for just admitting that he perpetuated a cover-up, he stuck to his story, even brought out the tears, until I was starting to believe him myself.

I know in my gut, that his teacher did NOT NOT NOT draw that smiley, but dang, that boy was starting to convince me.

I am SO in trouble when he's a teenager. What am I gonna do when he SWEARS he doesn't know where that beer came from (or worse - OMG!) and he's SUCH a good liar that I believe him!?!?!??!?

Before you think I'm a horrible mom for grounding him without actually getting the truth, I wrote a note to his teacher (who WAS at school yesterday after all) for clarification. Monkey is grounded until further notice, and once I get the whole story, we'll revisit it.
In other news, on the way to work this morning, not even a mile from our house, which isn't exactly in the country, but more like a rural area, a little bunny rabbit ran out in front of the car, and while I did hit the brakes, Mr. Bunny has seen his last Easter. Budman, of course, was laughing at me (only because we have an ongoing argument about a squirrel that he ran over once, only he insists that I did it, and now he has the bunny to hold over my head for the next 50 - 60 years...) and I was rather shaken by the whole thing.
In other news, Budman (every time I type that it comes out Budamn LOL!) is leaving town next Monday for a week. His work is sending him to a trade show. In Las Vegas. So I'm not only incredibly jealous, because even a business trip to Vegas is like a vacation, I'm also going to miss him terribly! We've never spent more than one night apart since we got married. **Sigh** Next week should be interesting, and if I get a bit whiny about how I miss my man, I'll understand if my readership (LOL - both of you!) decided to skip out and come back once he's returned. ;-)

Have a Happy Tuesday.


Ranch Mommy said...

I hit a Jack Rabbit once and it almost brought me to tears. I don't even like Jack was just the fact that I was the one that killed it. My husband still brings it up to this day!!!

for a different kind of girl said...

I once hit a robin at the end of the driveway. I kept praying for it to get up and fly away, I kept a slow approach, but I hesitated and accidently hit the accelarator and then? See ya, robin.

I bawled like a baby! It just tipped over and died! And my husband laughed at me, and then wouldn't retrieve it in a bag to dispose of so my guilt wouldn't haunt me!

This is, of course, the same husband who is gone 2 to 4 nights a week, and, despite the mocking, I miss him when he's gone, so I know where you're coming from. I also also know of what you speak when it comes to kids and the questionable nature of their after school stories! It was a cute attempt Monkey made, but, yeah, I get ya!